A guide to the best pubs in london

Do you know what the average time a person stays outside of a pub after arriving in London is? None, because nobody can remember it after visiting the pub. But even if one was in any state to count the seconds, they would probably not be that many anyway. London is well-known for its brilliant pubs and all the amenities they offer, such as pints of delicious lager, a variety of food menus, a good beer garden to spend quality time outdoors, and an excellent communal feeling, because everyone is your friend in a pub, after all. Every visitor of the city rushes to see the pubs because even though many other attractions may bring some disappointment, pubs always have exactly what you need – food, lager, and quality company.

And here are the best places in London where you can get all three of them:

Lamb & Flag

Visit Covent Garden, find the right back alley and enter the Lamb & Flag pub where all the magic in the area happens. It has existed since the 18th century and has been frequently visited by the likes of Charles Dickens. If that does not sound like an inspirational place to be, then you will be hard-pressed to find what does. It looks great, has an authentic charm, and the food and drinks make it worth the visit even if you are not into interior design.

The Churchill Arms

This one is very easy to spot. When you enter Notting Hill, it will probably be the first building that catches your eye. It has a lush flowery setting, covering a traditional-looking building that is not less decorated on the inside either. When you enter, you will have to tiptoe around a lot of Winston Churchill memorabilia, so it has historical value as well. And if you are not surprised enough by all of this, then go to the back and check out its Thai restaurant corner!

The Mayflower

This Rotherhithe pub is even older, dating back all the way to the 17th century. It is named after a ship that sailed to New England in 1620, and it has a second floor with a lot of dining room and a rustic setting. It offers a great view to the docks and drinking while staring at the river is always a brilliant experience that you can get lost in, so do be careful with the inspirations. It is maybe the best place to relax on the coast of the Thames.

The Flask

Visit Hampstead and start through the warren of streets to find The Flask. And once you do, you will be surprised at everything it has for you. The interior looks incredibly polished and amazing, it has a lot of charm to offer, and it has a confusing choice of housing, both a bar and a salon bar. It is an excellent blend between old and new and gives visitors the variety to choose between settings, or just go to the dining area to the back and enjoy delicious meals.

The Dog & Fox

If you ever wondered what a pub set in a gentlemen’s club would be like, then this is the place in Wimbledon to be in. Ride the train from Waterloo for 15 minutes and get off to see a place where jockeys, golfers, and dog-walkers stop by, dressed in the most traditional British clothing that simply radiates the stereotypical English vibe. It is a pub and a hotel, with polished wood, and provides cocktails and a patio to enjoy on sunny days.

The Victoria

Paddington can surprise you with a lot of luxury, and it can give you that even in its pubs. The Victoria is a lush place, where everything shines, shimmers and gleams, yet provides cosiness like no other pub in the area. The woodwork is master-class, the fireplace is the nicest place to be, the beers are excellent, and the seating could very well be the most comfortable places you have ever sat on. And if that is not enough, it even has a library upstairs!

Ye Olde Mitre

This one might be a challenge to find, but once you do explore Farringdon and discover it, you will find yourself in what is maybe one of the most classical taverns of old. A humble and cosy place, with a cluttered feeling, what with steins hanging from the ceiling, and an outside area where people actually spend time around wooden barrels and drink their beers while having a laugh with friends. It is more of a standing pub, but an enjoyable one.

London has a lot to offer in terms of pubs. It is up to you to go out and discover as many as you can, but do start with these and have the best time you can.