Spilled beer on your shirt? what to do?

Beer is lovely during summer days and nights, right? What‘s not lovely about it, though, is the stains it leaves if you are drinking too carelessly. They are sticky, they emit a certain smell and attract certain types of insects, and you just don’t want anything like a yellowish stain on your clothes now, do you? But beer stains are actually quite easy to remove. Follow the stain removal guide below and see how easily the cleaning job is done.

#1 – Absorb Excess Beer

If there is still liquid in the stain, you need to take it away; otherwise any other attempts you make to remove it will most probably result in spreading it. Get a sponge or a towel and absorb the excess liquid by pressing it over the stained spot.

#2 – Soak Up

Take the bit with the stain and soak it in a bowl filled with a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent, and a bit of vinegar. Leave it there for a bit and then rinse it after taking it out.

#3 – Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Now you have to use a sponge and rubbing alcohol as your main cleaners. The stain should have been weakened quite a lot and you just need to scrub the spot. Don’t scrub too hard, naturally, and clean the sponge if it absorbs too much dirt.

#4 – Use an Enzyme Cleaner

And finish up the whole process with a spoon of enzyme cleaner added to a bit of warm water. Soak up the fabric in that and then take it out and rinse.

If all this did not work, finish it all with a trip to the washing machine for a full 100% cleaning effect. Apply the home cleaners and the effort needed and the stain will soon be gone.