Visit 5 of the best pubs with rooms in the uk

Pubs with room, or known as tavern inns in the past or in the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy setting, are a nice cosy place where you can spend a night after a long day of working, or spend the rest of the night after some heavy drinking. They are the perfect way to avoid the traps of driving under influence or the bother to leave the car keys at the bar before stumbling out of the pub and zigzagging towards home. And, as an innovator, the UK has some of the best ones you can find in Europe and all over the world as well.

#1 – Wiltshire’s Beckford Arms

This is a pub that has existed since the 18th century and provides its visitors with a cosy bar room for private dinners and a calm time to spend while having a pint. And then you can make use of one of the eight gorgeous rooms in the pub for a grand night’s sleep. It provides every bit of the comfort found in hotel rooms, but it’s humbler and much more enjoyable in atmosphere.

#2 – West Sussex’s Cat Inn

This is another old character pub that offers a wooden board bar room and an old style menu with rich pints and cosy nooks. It even has a brilliant garden to spend time in on sunny days during the summer. And what it has upstairs are four rooms with isolation from the sound downstairs, with simple furnishings and very comfortable beds.

#3 – Norfolk’s Gunton Arms

This pub is a bit bigger than the rest, and apart from a wonderful bar hall and excellent drinks, it also offers very stylish rooms. They are bigger than the other humble places used simply for a stay over. The bedrooms are simply magnificent, with a lot of creativity put into them to make you feel like you are at home for the duration of your stay.

#4 – Yorkshire’s Blue Lion

This is another splendid pub, run by three generations of a family, once an old inn. It offers an oak and mahogany setting for everyone who prefers a luxurious atmosphere, and the bedrooms are simply enchanting. They have a modern design and even come with amenities like a TV to enjoy before finally succumbing to sleep.

#5 – Somerset’s The Talbot

Visit the Mells village and go see the Talbot. It is a rustic place with great indoors, a wonderful food menu and delicious drinks. And when you see the bedrooms, you might just fall in love with the village. They contain everything you may need in one room, including a bath. They are made to make you feel special and we dare you to say you don’t.

The United Kingdom has many ways to surprise visitors. One of the more both traditional and modern ways is the pub with rooms, and they do a marvellous job at it. Explore the amenities that all these places offer and even go find more.